On Saturday, March 9th, Royal City Roller Derby’s Killer Queens were in Woodstock at the Oxford Auditorium and took home a victory of 213-154 over the Striking Vikings of Alliston, Ontario.

“I’m impressed at how we kept our heads, centered each other and played derby our way” says Just DezHurts, captain of the Killer Queens. There was certainly lots of activity during this game, similar to what you would expect of a hive in early spring.”

The Killer Queens jammers for this game were Mangles the Clown, Mother Cutter, Dr. Jones and Flying Frenchie. Freddie Bruise-her got out there with one jam, pushing hard against those Striking Vikings and obtaining lead jammer status, an achievement that any blocker putting on that jammer star would be proud of.

The game’s MVPs were our very own Hank for blocking, Dr. Jones for jamming and Mother Cutter as the fans choice.

Three KQ players pose with two Striking Vikings as the game's MVP winners. Image courtesy of Frank “I Know A Guy” Douglas.

RCRD’s MVPs (left to right): Dr. Jones, Hank, Mother Cutter. Image courtesy of Frank “I Know A Guy” Douglas. 


The Killer Queens will be buzzing back to action on March 30th at Winter Wipeout 2019 in Neustadt, where they may encounter their hometown rivals, Violet Uprising.

by Steph Ziegler