The Brute Leggers

Strong Smart Together! The Brute Leggers are ready to roll, taking on competitors in Canada and the U.S. while celebrating everything their teammates have done to return to the track.  

A vintage style drawing of a woman wearing a crown. A banner encircles her reading 'Royal City Roller Derby'

Killer Uprising

KU! KU! KU! A harmonious union of our former Killer Queen and Violet Uprising home teams, Killer Uprising brings joy and tenacity to the track (and plenty of dance moves off the track, too).


Our Ladies of Pain

OLoP is the pride and joy of RCRD! Our beginner skaters put their solid foundation of knowledge and skills into practice on the track. There is no better way to learn, grow, and achieve their individual goals!


The Untouchables

Whistles and clipboards and stopwatches, oh my! Derby wouldn’t be possible without officials, and the Untouchables’ passion is matched only by their friendliness and patience. Thank you, officials!