Roller Derby

Since its origins in the 1940’s, roller derby has evolved away from theatrics and scripted bouts and become a fast-paced game requiring athleticism, strategy and skill. Over the past 15 years roller derby has grown in popularity across Canada and the world, making the leap into mainstream media.

Who We Are

We are Royal City Roller Derby (RCRD), established in the spring of 2010 as Guelph’s first flat track roller derby league. RCRD is a non-profit that includes women and men from all backgrounds and skill levels, and promotes athleticism, positive self-image, empowerment, self-expression and inclusivity. We have received tremendous support from the Guelph community and strive to give back through charity and volunteerism, as well as providing the community with action-packed derby games to enjoy every summer in Guelph.


Our Early Years 

Our first year on the derby track proved to be a huge success. We established 3 home teams and fielded an “All-Star” travel team. Our teams competed across Southern Ontario and the United States bringing home numerous wins and making a name for ourselves amongst veteran leagues.

Our second season brought with it continued success and growth with our hosting of the Roller Derby Association of Canada’s Eastern Canadian Championships. Six other travel teams ventured to Guelph to participate in this two-day tournament at the Sleeman Centre. Our own travel team, the Brute-Leggers gave it their all, and Guelph had a chance to watch some very skilled players from across Ontario compete. As RCRD continues to grow, we are developing an excellent learn-to-skate “Intro to Derby” program, creating partnerships other organizations within the community, and developing a core group of volunteers and supporters who help the league run.

Although derby most certainly a DIY sport run by skaters, for skaters, we realize that our success is directly linked to the support of skating and non-skating league members, volunteers, coaches, referees, and the ongoing support of local organizations and our community. Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support!